REAP Scholarship Program

7th-12th Grades

District REAP Contact: Lisa Castillo - K12 District Director of College and Career  559-528-4763

OHS REAP Coordinator: Yaimar De Leon   559-528-4731

El Monte Middle School REAP Coordinator:   559-528-3017


REAP Student Requirements:

  • Students must complete and submit a REAP Application,  Please contact the Site REAP  Coordinator

  • Students need to participate in REAP Club activities monthly/ all year long for the duration of REAP Scholarship Program Participation.

  • Students need to participate in community service hours and complete a project each year.

  • Because this is a program in the Cutler Orosi School district, students must graduate from Orosi High School in order to receive their scholarship funding

  • Students must earn A's in their CORE Courses

  • There is a minimum required amount of earnings to receive the scholarship by graduation:

    • Class of 2023 and beyond - $4,000

  • Attend Monthly REAP Meetings - 100% Student Participation 

  • Participation in ALL Leadership and Team Building Opportunities

  • Alumni Involvement & Peer Mentoring after graduation

  • REAP Peer Mentoring to Middle School, while in high school

Reap Fundamental Goals: 

  • To create a college-going culture in communities with few university-graduate role models by incentivizing students to achieve academically and make plans for their futures.

  • To familiarize students and their families with the pathway to college, and help them to be attentive to the college track throughout the student’s middle and high school tenure.

  • To help students locate and secure grants and scholarships in addition to REAP funds, and help students and their families make a financial plan for college.

  • To push students to set high standards, and encourage them to develop and practice their leadership skills.

REAP program - group photo