Negotiation Updates

COJUSD Core Values for Negotiations

The Cutler-Orosi School Board of Education is committed to core values which reflect integrity and respect for an efficient, effective and transparent negotiations process that is focused on providing a comprehensive educational program for students while considering all stakeholders.  COJUSD commits to providing on-going and accurate communication with all stakeholders while fostering positive and trusting relationships with employee groups throughout the process.

COJUSD believes in making decisions that align with the District vision of preparing all students for college career, community and to be able to compete in a global economy.  We believe all who serve students in COJUSD are educating minds and inspiring futures every day.  We strive to support staff, utilize resources prudently and work for program effectiveness.  Additionally, we strive for accountability, student success, and safety. 

COJUSD is dedicated to fostering a professional culture focused on high standards, research-based practices and responsive service to all stakeholders.  The Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District is committed to students, staff and community.  All resources will be invested in a transparent manner to provide a comprehensive educational program while maintaining long-term fiscal solvency.