Her Vision of Public Education

I am passionate about public education.  Coming from a poor family, being the first generation to graduate from high school and attend college, I am grateful for the opportunities afforded to me through public education.  I agree with the philosophy of Horace Mann, the Father of Public Education in America, who hoped that by bringing all children, of all classes together, they could have a common learning experience. This would also give an opportunity to the less fortunate to advance in the social scale and education would "equalize the conditions of men". I know that my own life would be much different if I had not had the privilege of attending high school and college.

I believe academics, athletics, arts and activities (the 4 As) are the pillars of an American Education and each one of these pillars must be successfully and effectively erected in order to have a prosperous school district.  I believe every student must be taught in a rich, engaging, and culturally relevant curriculum that centers on literacy and mathematics.  The curriculum must include art, music, science, and history.  Students must be taught in adequate school facilities, by highly qualified professionals in a safe and orderly learning environment that attends to students’ social-emotional needs.  I believe all students must leave the K-12 educational system prepared with the knowledge and skills for college, career and to be able to compete in a global economy.

Parents and the wider community are essential to public education success; together we will elevate our great society by preparing the youth of tomorrow.