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Too Foggy for SafetyTop of Page

When it is determined by the Transportation Department that it is too foggy to safely drive buses and transport our students, a “foggy day” will be called. Bus runs will then begin 1½ hours later than on regular days. School also starts 1½ hours later. Parents of children who do not ride the bus should also note the foggy day schedule change. 

NotificationTop of Page

When a foggy day is called, the District will contact local media stations and request that they broadcast the foggy day information as frequently as possible.
Watch Channel 18 for foggy day information.
The following radio stations will be contacted:
KMJ – 580
KFRE – 940
KCOK – 1270
KGST – 1600
KRDU – 1130
KXEX – 1550
KYNO – 1300
KJUD – 1067 or 1270

FoglineTop of Page

For Foggy Day information, you may call the Fogline at 527-3278. Please do not call the Distrit Office, school sites, or the regular Transportation office line regarding Foggy Days.