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Welcome to SchoolDude, Maintenance / IT Support

This system is easy to use and largely intuitive.  No special account set up is required.  Please read the instructions below before your initial login.

To login, simply use your existing username and password that you already use in the District network. 

The first time you login, you will be prompted to enter your network login.  This is the same you use to login to your computer.  Once you have completed this step you will not need to repeat it again.

Example:  Grey Windows Security window with text Microsoft Edge text.  Credentials login page.  User Name:  jdoe   Password:  mypassword

For all subsequence logins, you will be taken to the “Maint Request” tab.  All maintenance work order requests are entered for this page.  Work orders are call “Tickets” in this system.

To enter a “Ticket” –

  1. Enter all information with a red check mark box.
  2. Your "Location" and "Area/Room Number" will be auto filled by the system after your initial selection.
  3. Click the corresponding icon that best describes your maintenance request.
  4. For any IT related request, please select the "IT/Technology" icon.
  5. Enter as much detail as possible in the description box.
  6. "Time Available for Maintenance" is an optional field.  Use this if there is a specific time required.
  7. "Attachment" is another optional field.
  8. Click "Submit".  The system will send an confirmation email.
  9. Once the repair is completed, you should receive an email advising you that it is completed.
Click here “CONTINUE” to login to SchoolDude Maintenance/IT Support.

If you have question or problems with SchoolDude, please contact the IT Department or email Ray Quintana at
Technicians:  Login Here