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Illuminate is our district data system that houses all student test and assessment data. This page is dedicated to assisting you with using Illuminate. One of the best sources to find help is Illuminate's own help system. It is located by going to the control panel in the top right hand corner of the page and clicking on "Lessons & Videos." or this link:
This is the address to access Illuminate:
This is the address to access the Illuminate Parent/Student Portal for online assessments:

Naming Conventions for AssessmentsTop of Page

This document outlines the District naming conventions to use for assessments in Illuminate.

Printing Pre-slugged Answer SheetsTop of Page

If you are not taking advantage of the online testing system in Illuminate, here is a link to a help document that will show you how to create answer sheets.

Student Profile ReportTop of Page

Here is a Student Profile Quick Guide for creating a report that lists all of your students' assessments in a format that you can easily print and use for parent-teacher conferences.

Tile DashboardTop of Page

Illuminate is a powerful student information system that some find difficult use. I justified criticism is that it isn't intuitive - you need to know where to look for certain things. The navigation bar gives you clues (Students, Attendance, SpecEd, Health, Grades, Gradebook, Reports, Assessments), but there are many sub-menus within each category.
Illuminate (Student Information System) navigation bar.
Illuminate has created a Tile Dashboard - shortcuts that will take you specific areas. I have created some tiles that I have shared out with teachers and some are even grade level specific. 
Elementary tile dashboard.
Elementary Tile Dashboard
Elementary tile secondary dashboard.
Secondary Tile Dashboard
One tile that has some helpful reports is the "View Favorites" tile. Among the various reports is a CAASPP Student Logins report that will allow you to download student cards for the CAASPP. There is also a Student Email & Passwords report that will give you a list of your students' gamil accounts and passwords.
To learn how you can create your own tiles, click on this link.

Administrator's Illuminate Help Top of Page

Here is the Admin Illuminate Guide for accessing reports in Illuminate. You can also use the "View Assessment" tile on the Tile page of Illuminate.
Illuminate view assessments tiles.