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The SST is a group formed within the school to further examine a student’s academic, behavioral and social-emotional progress. The SST team can propose interventions for the student. The team usually consists of a teacher, administrator, and support personnel from the school. Sometimes a special education teacher will also participate to give his or her perspective. The student and parent are also a part of the team.

The SST meeting provides everyone with an opportunity to share concerns and develop a plan. Either a staff member or parent can make a referral. The interventions agreed upon will vary depending on the child's educational needs.

If you suspect your student has a disability, contact your school’s principal or counselor with your concerns. The referral to SST can be initiated by a parent, student, guardian, physician, teacher, or other appropriate individual.  At the SST, the team will help determine what the next step will be.  Sometimes, extra supports or interventions are the recommendation.  If extra supports or interventions are offered, the student’s progress will be monitored to see if there are improvements in the areas of concern.  Other times, students will be referred for an evaluation for Section 504 Accommodations, an Individual Health Service Plan, or Special Education eligibility.  The Student Study Team (SST) usually consists of a school administrator, counselor, and general education teachers.