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1.  When a community member or parent wishes to volunteer in a school or at an activity, the prospective volunteer must complete the Volunteer Application Form.  The form is then submitted to the school principal for approval.  College students wanting to fulfill hours for school work should be sent to the Personnel Department first.
2.  The form must be completely filled out.  Each question must be answered or marked.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.
3.  The principal and the volunteer must sign the application. When the principal signs the Volunteer Application Form, he/she is indicating that they approve of this volunteer and want him/her on their site to perform the duties indicated.  Principals may deny a volunteer.
4.  A new form must be completed each year.
5.  The site secretary informs the prospective volunteer that he/she must make an appointment to be fingerprinted at the District Office and inform him/her that a driver’s license or ID card must be brought to the appointment.
6.  The site secretary must fax or send the completed volunteer form via inter-district mail. It must be signed by both the principal/supervisor and volunteer.  This form will be kept on file at the District.
7  If the volunteer is going to be at your site on a regular basis, meaning more than a couple of days per year, they must also be TB skin test cleared before they can work around students.
8.  The District will provide a fingerprint cleared volunteer list to all sites via email on a weekly basis.
9.  It will be your responsibility to inform the volunteers when they have cleared.
10.  An identification badge is to be picked up at the District Office by the volunteer.
11.  All volunteers must wear their ID cards while on campus or at a district event when performing volunteer services.
12.  Education Code 35021 provides that a person who is required to register as a sex offender            pursuant to Penal Code 290 shall not serve as a volunteer. 
13.  Cutler-Orosi Joint Unified School District policy does not allow volunteers who have been convicted of sex offences and serious or violent felonies.  For any other conviction, the Superintendent or designee has the discretion to deny volunteer service depending on the nature of the conviction as it relates to the volunteer’s suitability and duties.
14.  The District reserves the right to limit the number and types of volunteers, the time frame and the classroom(s) served.
15.  All volunteers must be cleared by the District Office PRIOR to serving.