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·       Ensuring communications to all parents, ( i.e. not just relying on the kids to bring home the information)

·       Gathering data to determine which programs are successful (auditing)

·       Ensuring the safety of everyone

·       Ensuring follow-up on suggestions

·       Lack of activities for students if after school programs are cut

·       Ensuring equality in salary cuts at all levels (ie. teachers, admin. etc.)

·       Overcrowding on the buses

·       Increasing after school violence if programs are cut

·       “Falling between the cracks” if class size goes up or program cuts

·       Making sure we review the cost across the District including all schools (i.e Sierra)

·       Reducing the administrators  and staff when grants are cut

·       Staying as far as we can from the classroom when cutting

·       As we lose grant funding such as safety, will it just be dropped or will it be considered to be picked up by the general fund

·       Safety of the children not compromised

·       Decline in quality education for the 21st Century

·       Not understanding how parents can tutor/assist students (ie. computers, etc.)

·       Over staffing in certain areas

·       Continuing to create new positions since we know we are in trouble