Safety Training

All employees are required to complete the safety training that has been assigned to their job classification.  This year we will have two ways in which an employee may meet this requirement depending on what was done in the last 2 years.  See the “Safety Training Courses” and “Safety Challenge Test” sections below to determine your category.


Safety Training Courses

This set of online training courses must be taken by all new employees, those employees who did not complete all of their training last year and those individuals that did not pass the Safety Challenge Test with 80% or better.   Courses are grouped by job classification and your specific set will come up automatically when you sign in.

1)     After reading the following instructions, click on the link below to go to the safety training website.


2)     Your username is the 4 digit number that you use for Sub Finder. (if you have a 3 digit number, add a 0 in front of your number).


3)     After you enter your username, click “login.”


4)     The system will verify who you are.  If it is your name that pops up, click “Log Me In.”


5)     Start a course by clicking on the course title.  The courses have audio, so be sure to plug in your headphones or adjust your speakers.


6)     Each course is broken into sections.  You may exit the program after completing any section and then return to it later and complete the course. You must complete each section and pass the quiz in order to get credit for taking the section/course.


7)    You may take additional courses if you wish by clicking on “Take Additional Courses.”  Regardless of any additional courses you take, you must still complete all of those assigned to you.


Click here to begin: Safety Training Courses


Safety Challenge Test

The Safety Challenge Test may be taken by any returning employee who completed all of their safety courses in each of the last two (2) years.  If you did not complete all of your Safety Training Courses in both of the last two years,you are not eligible to take the challenge test.  Passage of this test will fulfill your safety training requirements for the 2013-14 school year.  This is a one-time only challenge opportunity. You must pass the test with a score of 80% or better.  If you do not meet the 80% threshold, you are required to take all of the Safety Training Courses this year. Teachers, please remember that August 13th is being provided for you to take these courses.

1.   After reading the following instructions, click on the “Safety Challenge Test” link below to start the testing process.


2.   Your username is your network login ID or e-mail address.  Your password is the 4 digit number that you use for Sub Finder. (if you have a 3 digit number, add a 0 in front of your number)


3.   Take Quiz – You have one (1) test taking opportunity.  The test will open in a separate window.  The entire test takes 35 minutes or more, depending on your job classification.


4.   At any time you can save your test and resume at a later time.  Simply click on the “Save” icon which is located in the lower right-handed region of your testing window.


5.   Once completed your testing score will appear. If you have a score of 80% or greater, a Safety Certificate will also appear.  If you did not pass the test, no certificate will be present.


6.   Click on the certificate and select “Print”. Ensure your printer is set to Landscape. (This is located in the “Preferences->Finishing” tab of your printer window.)  Once printed, please submit the certificate to the District Office Personnel Department.  You may also choose to download the certificate and e-mail it to and your school site office. You may also wish to print a copy for your own records.


Click here to begin: Safety Challenge Test

For any login or test issues, please e-mail