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17-18 LCAP Stakeholders forums with dates and locations.
(Input information gathered is for the 2018-2019 LCAP/ Sugerencias recibidas son para el LCAP del 2018-2019)


2017-18 Draft LCAP Superintendent Question Responses

  1. Maybe we need another counselor.

    We currently have two full time psychologists, two paid intern psychologists and up to four other college interns psychologists every year.  Additionally,  we have a counselor at each of the elementary schools, two counselors at the middle school and three counselors at the high school.  The secondary district psychologist provides services to the alternative education site two days a week and an intern psychologist is placed at the alternative education site all week. 

  2. Why only help a few non-profit organizations with LCAP funds?  There could be more help to our local non-profits.

    LCAP funds are provided to address the needs of all of economically disadvantaged, English Language learners and foster students in the District.  The programs and activities funded with LCAP must be evaluated yearly and data has to support the funding of the programs and activities.  LCAP funds were not intended to support the community’s non-profit organizations. 

  3. Why didn’t the District support Nuevo Comienzo with LCAP funds?

    The District values the partnership with Nuevo Comienzo.  There has been a positive long lasting relationship with Nuevo Comienzo and COJUSD.  The District evaluated needs and data and determined funds needed to be concentrated in a higher priority area and determined that there was some duplication of services.