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Here are forms and information to help you with completing your TIPS modules. The Technology Use Policy (part of Standard 5) is located on page 41 of the Cutler-Orosi Technology Plan 2011-2016. This is the same TUP that was part of the Parent/Student Handbook that students received at the beginning of the year. You can either download the whole plan or download just the Technology Use Policy (TUP) from the link provided.
For evidence of the TUP being implemented, check the documentation that was on your BTSA flashdrive or check with your support provider for assistance.

A-1 Class Profile DataTop of Page

Your Class Profile report is available in Download this file for directions to retrieve your class report.

A-3 FormsTop of Page

You will probably still need to fill in missing info, but things such as current enrollment, EL percentages, and home languages are included.